Auberge Estonia Nature Accommodation

Massotherapy, Yoga and Body Care

Our relaxing, energetic and body treatments

You deserve a moment of relaxation, which is why at Estonia we offer a range of personalized treatments that will meet your needs. Let yourself be pampered by one of our passionate and experienced therapists.


Therapeutic massage

Get the massage that suits you best to release muscle tension and soothe your pain for deep well-being. 

60 min : 118$+tx.     90 min : 158$+tx

Certified massage therapy / aroma / yoga therapist, she has practiced with passion for 24 years a personalized holistic approach aimed at global well-being. Find your Body-Heart-Spirit balance and harmony and give yourself the gift of this unique moment. *Insurance receipt for care*

De-Stress face / head & amp; reflex points

Anti-fatigue facial treatment with guashas and energized oils for a radiant complexion. Followed by a neck and head massage with neuro-vascular and Chinese points that regulate all our systems. Reflexology on the hands and feet is a wonderful complement to this session. Provides whole body relaxation and calms the nervous system. Recommended for brightening the complexion, headaches / migraine, sinusitis, stress and loss of energy.

90 min : 158$ +tx

Yoga Therapy: personalized program

Based on your postural analysis, your pain and / or needs, you will be offered the development of a series of exercises aimed at relaxing tense areas. Our therapist will help you become aware of your posture and equip you with simple daily stretches and gestures in order to reduce the resulting tensions. The goal is to reclaim your well-being through optimal alignment from head to toe!

90 min : 158$ +tx

Multi-level group yoga

(for our group reservations only) Energizing yoga during the day or relaxing and restorative yoga in the evening.In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, combine the useful with the pleasant by offering yourself a yoga session with family or friends. Whatever your level, our qualified teacher will be able to accompany you so that this experience is beneficial for all. *minimum 5 people

$ 25 + tx per person 

Oracle card reading / Channeling

Inspirational guidance & amp; vibratory. To shed light on a decision, answer a questioning or illuminate a possible path …

60 min : 95$ +tx

Energy treatment

Reiki, channeling, polarity, therapeutic touch, harmonization with Tibetan bowls and crystals. Card reading can also be combined with energy healing.

60 min : 118$ +tx

90 min : 158$ +tx